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Day Trip Bali

Type: Corporate site
Client: Day Trip Bali
Scope of work: Prototyping, Design, Development

We had the task to create a business card site for a travel agency that conducts author's tours to Bali and Nusa Penida islands. The main task of the site is to inspire confidence in potential customers to book a tour while they vacationing on the island


The customer is the leader among tour agencies in Bali on Airbnb and TripAdvisor. In order not to pay an extra commission to the aggregator, he decided to sell tours through his own website. We created a business card site for him, where we told about each of the tours, the Day Trip Bali agency and its achievements.

The user-friendly interface, restrained design and fast operation of the site work comprehensively, solving the main task — to acquaint a person with the services and book a trip in a few clicks

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Key points


To make it convenient for the client to add and change content, install the site on the WordPress admin panel. With it, client can change the text and images on all pages of the site in minutes


The site works without rebooting. This means that the transition from one page to another takes 1-2 seconds. This technical solution improves the usability of the site — the pages switch quickly and the user doesn’t need to spend extra time


The mobile version has some visual differences from the PC version, because the site is mostly visited from smartphones. For example, we have made a simple and convenient menu through which you can get to any page of the site


In today's world, mobile design is as important as desktop

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