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Andriy Bulbakh

Type: Turnkey site
Client: Andriy Bulbakh
Scope of work: Copywriting, Design, Development

We had the task create a business card site for an architect from Kyiv who has an unusual view of traditional things. We needed to distinguish it among the competitors: to show a unique approach to work and to evoke certain associations with the help of the site


Andriy Bulbach is an unusual architect who has his own view on architecture. He works on projects both independently and by inviting his team to certain stages of work

To convey the atmosphere of the customer's work through the site, his views on design in general, we paid attention to the little things that reveal the essence of his approach. The site works without haste, conveying the mood according to the approach to the work of our customer

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Key points


Andrew's architecture includes bold shapes and unusual combinations of elements. To reflect this on the site, we have made a bold placement of text, images and other elements. The elements of the site are located at a distance from each other — the site literally feels the space


We used a modern image format, which reduced their size, increased the speed of the site and the friendliness of the Google search engine to the site, as it is its recommendation

A lot of time was spent on animations. On this site, they help to set the necessary mood: a little bit slow, so that people have the opportunity to taste every detail of the site, getting aesthetic pleasure


In today's world, mobile design is as important as desktop

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