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Grein plast

Type: Corporate site
Client: Greinplast
Scope of work: Copywriting, Design, Development

We had the task to create a corporate website for the official distributor of decorative finishing materials TM Greinplast. The main task of the site is to tell the visitor about the company's products and services, but not as typically as competitors do that


The sites of other companies in this niche are similar to online stores. That's why the client told us the following: «We don't just sell paint or plaster. We sell the finish result — insulated facades, comfortable interiors and modern decoration. Let's tell our customers about it?»

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Key points


We created a convenient structure so that anywhere on the site in one or two clicks you can go to the desired page. The site works quickly and without rebooting


We created a single version of the design of pages with services such as landing pages to answer most of the initial questions of customers and motivate them to leave a request


In today's world, mobile design is as important as desktop

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